• Pink Noise

  • May the Circle Be Unbroken

  • Of the Goldmine

  • Stray Fox

  • Ben Lonergan

  • As I Am

  • Peter Felsman

  • Kill Ida Belle

  • Liam Dudley

  • Reece Sullivan

  • Johnny Schweets

  • The Rivers Delta

  • John Swank

  • Stephie & the Whitesox

Ben Lonergan

Get ready for Jimmy Buffet on acid and pain pills. Ben Lonergan is a desperate man from Akron, Ohio. He lived in New Orleans for a few years.  Whist here I recorded and produced his EP. A record of emotionally charged tales of resented solitude, butterfly wishes and childhood flashbacks over countless beers at end of a shitty bar/day. Ben Lonergan's desperate tale has now been audibly immortalized!

As I Am

As I Am (the moniker of Daniel McAndrew) is an electronic artist from the unknown nowhere land of Franklin, PA. His organic, gluten free and cage free farm fresh approach to song writing sets him aside from his conventional peers. He has an above average fondness for apple cider vinegar and it shows in his music. Check As I Am out up in the Montreal area, guaranteed to be the most alkaline artist on the bill.

Of the Goldmine

The cross bred seeds of French and northern California culture were sown into a jar of dirt collected from around the grave stone of Ian Curtis and this is what reached for the sun(s). Their demo, recently recorded on a cassette 4-track, captures the raw, rough around the edges and unstable side of the band. They are scheduled in early 2018 to begin work on their proper debut release and hope to capture every emotion north of the onset of a good dose liquid landscape

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