After years of steady and prolific songwriting, I began to get frustrated with not being able to audibly articulate the ideas I had or friends bands have had. Over the years I began to acquire recording equipment here and there, eventually having what I needed to get what I needed done.  In a sense, the studio got started from me just wanting to have control over how my music would be printed to music and on my own time. I learned a lot over the years through trial and error, extensive research and participating in online forums. I've become accustomed to getting the very best results organically from the source and have gained a lot of skill by practicing and being exposed to less than par recording setups. Today that translates to a backwoods approach to music in general which always leads to a better recording, fact.  Setting up a mic anywhere and saying if it sounds terrible we can just "fix it in the mix" is not a paradigm I follow no one that has worked for me. I use analog technology and equipment not for the fact that it sounds better (which is obvious) but for the fact that it is the most durable medium and stands the test of time when digital does not. Digital is just not an appropriate medium for music. I'm an advocate of getting the right sound from the start, making sure the band or artist is comfortable and recording live all together if possible. Live recordings capture something that just always seems to be missing from piece by the piece by piece recording style. That is not to say that the best results can't be achieved in that way as well if that is the way the artist chooses to work. It is also very possible for things to sound better when that particular artist is accustomed to working that way, which goes back to making sure the band or artist is comfortable. I don't typically "produce" bands, in the typical sense of the word, as I'm not in the band and I feel the band always has the best idea of what THE BAND wants their music to sound like on tape. The exception being when the band or artist is unsure or is voluntarily asking for my opinion, then I'm happy to oblige. Bottom line is that I put 100% into the records that I make because that's what I've been hired to do. We make great records only, no exceptions!

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